Your Trusted Glacier Club Realtor

Are you dreaming of owning a stunning home nestled within a sought-after community right on a beautiful golf course? Look no further than the Glacier Club, a prestigious neighborhood known for its luxurious properties and picturesque surroundings. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the exceptional Glacier Club Realtor, Phil Cini and Rachael Cini-Darin, a dynamic father-daughter duo with unparalleled expertise in the Glacier Club real estate market. With their guidance, you can find your perfect home or in this exclusive community that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Introducing Phil and Rachael Cini: Your Glacier Club Real Estate Experts

When it comes to buying or selling property in the Glacier Club, there’s no better team than Phil and Rachael. With years of experience living in and serving this community, Phil is a seasoned real estate agent who has witnessed the neighborhood’s growth and transformation over time. His vast knowledge of the Glacier Club’s history and the real estate market allows him to provide valuable insights to clients, making their buying or selling experience a smooth and successful one.

As a father-daughter duo and with Century 21 behind them, Phil and Rachael bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to the table. Rachael shares the same passion and dedication for helping clients find their dream homes. Together, they form a powerful team, ensuring that every aspect of your real estate journey is expertly handled.


Discovering the Phases of Glacier Club: Finding Your Perfect Fit

The Glacier Club is divided into distinct phases, each offering a diverse range of homes to cater to various preferences. Let’s explore each phase to help you identify which one aligns with your lifestyle and taste:

Phase Six – Modern Elegance:

If you desire a contemporary home with all the latest features and amenities, Phase Six is the ideal choice for you. These homes boast modern architectural designs, featuring elements like wooden garage doors that set them apart from other phases. Despite their uniqueness, these homes seamlessly blend into the overall ambiance of the Glacier Club. Experience the epitome of luxury living in Phase Six.

Phases Four and Five – Timeless Charm:

For those who appreciate timeless aesthetics and classic features that never go out of style, Phases Four and Five offer a wide selection of homes to choose from. These properties exude elegance and sophistication, providing a sense of comfort and refinement that stands the test of time. While the villas in these phases are nestled in their own street and not exactly connected to the rest of GC, they are still an integral part of this great community. The strong sense of camaraderie and connection among residents makes living here a truly enriching experience.

Phases One, Two, and Three – Classic Entry-Level Homes:

If you are looking to make your entry into the Glacier Club without compromising on quality, Phases One, Two, and Three are perfect for you. These original builds provide a fantastic opportunity to become part of this prestigious community while enjoying all the amenities and benefits it has to offer.


Why Choose Glacier Club?

Living in the Glacier Club offers an unparalleled lifestyle. Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply appreciate the breathtaking mountain views, this community has it all. The Glacier Club provides a range of amenities like a pristine golf course, a clubhouse with exceptional dining options, fitness facilities, and recreational opportunities for all ages.



In the heart of this sought-after community lies a dream home waiting for you. With Phil and Rachael Cini, your trusted Glacier Club Realtor, by your side, your real estate journey will be nothing short of exceptional. Whether you prefer the modern elegance of Phase Six, the timeless charm of Phases Four and Five, or the classic entry-level homes of Phases One, Two, and Three, there’s a perfect match for everyone at the Glacier Club. Embrace the luxurious lifestyle and breathtaking surroundings that the Glacier Club has to offer, and make your dreams of owning a home here a reality. Contact Phil and Rachael today to start your journey toward finding the perfect property in this exclusive community.