We focus on building Friendships one home at a time.

Homes Sold


Phil Cini

  • After retiring from a media career that focused on advertising and marketing sales of television commercials I decided to start a second career in Real Estate which offered me the opportunity to use the tools that I had developed throughout my career in Television to help customers buy and sell their homes. 
  • At the Phil Cini Reality group, we emphasize treating every person and transaction separately from the next. We develop specific strategies for every client we help.
  • We have a huge customer base so we enjoy our interaction with the sphere as a whole and as individuals. Enjoying the relationships we establish with people is my most motivating factor.


Rachael Cini

  • After following Phil’s journey as a realtor and seeing how rewarding it was to help your friends and neighbors, I obtained my real estate license and started working with the Phil Cini Realty Group full-time in 2020.
  • With extensive marketing, advertising, and sales experience we know what we are doing when it comes to selling your home – there is more than just putting a sign in the front yard and a lockbox on the home – every house has its own unique strategy to go to market.
  • Given our background in media and advertising, we understand what works and doesn’t work and how many forms of not just technology, but other methods need to be utilized in order to properly market a home. We also are constantly taking pulses on the neighborhoods around us and how prices and demand vary.